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Remastering for Distribution

Remastering a film or tape is the process of converting an analog medium to digital while enhancing the picture quality so that it is prepped and readied for re-distribution.


In our film scanning department, Duplitech’s technicians convert tapes and 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film libraries to 2K and 4K digital files.  We first curate and catalog your library to ready for inspection, repair, cleaning, and scanning.  

Depending on the condition of the library we conform the scanned materials and provide color grading to enhance the appearance to maximum performance level, looking at contrast, color, saturation, detail, black level, and white point. When working with old film or tape, further restoration may be needed to repair dirt, dust, scratches, splices, tears, color fade, color change, flicker, warping film grain, shrinkage, jitter, weave and decay.

Color Grading

Duplitech's colorists are well versed in the color grading of older catalog titles from both original camera negative and interpositive scans.  Our tools include a complete set of HDR image processing and grading capabilities, and our ultra-efficient workflow ensures a high-quality output at competitive rates. 


Duplitech is a Dolby Vision and HDR-10+ certified color grading facility.

Preservation and  Monetization

For most media libraries, the greatest obstacle to digitizing, restoring and preserving their content library is not technical, but financial.  Duplitech is uniquely qualified to help content owners overcome these budgetary obstacles, thanks to our close relationships with leading distribution partners in both physical and digital media channels. In short, we can help create a self-funding ecosystem to curate, digitize, restore and preserve your most valuable media assets.

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Digital Restoration

Our experienced technicians utilize the latest generation in digital restoration tools to cost-effectively remove and repair the imperfections and damage that are common to older film elements. Viva Pro, Kodak Digital ICE, and PF Clean are selectively employed to provide a flexible and non-destructive workflow.  The result: A faster and simpler restoration process, which yields significant cost savings to our clients.

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If you are unable to bring your archive to us, we’ll bring the equipment and expertise to you.  If you are restricted in transporting irreplaceable film elements and magnetic tape assets across the country, no matter how reputable the carrier may be, Duplitech will come to you in our fully outfitted mobile van.  (Certain restrictions apply.)


Choose a solution to suit your film element and budget. Our Lasergraphics Director combines precision optics and imaging to produce the ultimate quality 4K scan, while our Cintel 2 yields outstanding quality UHD output in real-time.  Count on Duplitech to unlock the native 4K resolution from your 35mm film - at prices that suit your budget.


Film Scanning Equipment: 

Lasergraphics Director, Cintel 2

Tape Formats: HDCAMSR, HDCam, Digital Betacam, Beta SP, Beta, IMX, Beta SX, HDV, DVCam, DV, DVCPRO, D2, MII, 1”, 3/4”, VHS, Betamax, D3, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8.






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