Pure Audio Blu-ray

Pure. Audio.



The Pure Audio Blu-ray combines the Blu-ray format’s vast storage capacity and bandwidth necessary for high resolution sound (up to 24Bit/192 kHz) in surround and stereo with the easy and straight-forward handling of a CD. Pure Audio Blu-rays play back on every Blu-ray player.



The Pure Audio Blu-ray can be operated either with or without a screen: by on-screen menu navigation or by screen-less navigation. For users preferring navigation on a screen, the Pure Audio Blu-ray provides menus just as on a video Blu-ray. These pop-up screens give information about the tracks, track lengths, audio streams or additional information e.g. production credits.


Lossless LPCM Audio in crystal-clear digital high definition is the new standard in the home audio listening experience.

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