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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

As a content delivery solutions provider, Duplitech has developed a unique workflow system specifically for FAST channels and content owners to create new television episodes from previously broadcast archives, efficiently and cost-effectively. This allows for new content to be created with minimal cost and time.

Duplitech is currently supplying a major OTT platform with 300+ new 22-minute episodes of a popular talk show series that aired in the past. The new episodes, which were reimagined from over 6,000 short clips from the comedy host’s vast archive, began airing Spring 2023. The channel delivers branded content specific to the IP 24/7. Duplitech is able to uniquely curate, alongside the client, 30-minute compilations featuring the “best of” clips from the talk show host’s decades long career, including sketch comedy, celebrity guests and more.

“We initially envisioned the concept of ‘compilation episodes’ when Whistle TV asked us to repurpose NASCAR’s archive content into ‘new’ episodes for their streaming channel” said Tony Cunha, President of Duplitech. “Whistle’s ‘NASCAR Rewind’ pilot series debuted in Fall of 2021 as 30-minute episodes (with commercial slots), featuring race action from the top NASCAR tracks.”


With new productions at a virtual standstill due to striking actors and writers, streamers are potentially facing an extended drought in new content creation. Enter Duplitech and its unique workflow solutions designed to reimagine archive content as “new” episodes.


The purpose-built process utilizes proprietary Workflow Management Software for onboarding of video clips, metatags, and thumbnails into CMS API, which facilitates clip assembly into “themed” 30 min episodes with bumper and ad break insertions. Finished files can be delivered either by uploading or MRSS feed. Process Management Software is then utilized for QC, Normalization, Encoding, and delivery of finished assets.

“We build middleware that connects API’s. We’ve created an ecosystem with time efficiency in mind, editing while metagging clips,” remarks Steven Johnson, Duplitech’s Chief Operations Officer. Workflow management software onboards into Duplitech’s ecosystem then gets processed into finished assets to the streamer or FAST channel. The process of curating the metagged clips is provided by the content owner, or third party, however Duplitech’s editors help to create the stories. Talk, variety shows, sports shows, and reality shows that follow “characters” are the ideal content for this type of repurposing.

About Duplitech:

Duplitech delivers digital content solutions to home entertainment platforms, streamers, FAST channels, and content owners. We not only deliver content, we elevate content, by developing and implementing state-of-the-art solutions for remastering or repurposing television and film libraries with cost conscious strategies. As this industry evolves quickly, so has Duplitech. We’ve been at it for over 25 years, first as a physical media service provider to home video, then adopting and embracing digital formats and deliverables. We understand the marketplace today and what is needed to flourish. We want to help you do the same. More info at

About Whistle TV:

Whistle TV is Team Whistle, the sports and entertainment media company’s free ad-supported sports and entertainment digital network featuring original shows and premium library content from studios, networks and leagues across the industry. Whistle TV offers ad-supported content around the clock focusing on original shows and episodic series that are positive and relatable across OTT platforms including: Samsung, Vizio, Roku and many more. It’s premiered original Whistle series including, ‘No Seasons Off,’‘Double Duty,’ and ‘Dunk League.’

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