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Duplitech Teams with Whistle TV to bring historic NASCAR content to OTT.

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Duplitech Announces Deal to Produce ‘NASCAR Rewind’ Episodes for Whistle TV

Duplitech has announced an agreement to produce a series of motorsports episodes for Whistle TV this fall. The series, titled "NASCAR Rewind," will offer a fast-paced montage of the most exciting moments in the NASCAR Cup Series racing over the past several seasons.

"NASCAR Rewind leverages our remastering and creative production capabilities to 'reimagine' historic sports content in a way that makes it relevant for younger audiences." according to Tony Cunha, President of Duplitech. "Our goal is to help content owners and OTT channels create a self-funding ecosystem to preserve, restore and monetize sports catalogs, and we are very pleased to partner with leading brands like Whistle Sports and NASCAR for our inaugural effort."

The NASCAR Rewind series is set to air on Whistle TV beginning on November 7th, 2021.

About Whistle TV:

Whistle TV is Team Whistle, the sports and entertainment media company’s free ad-supported sports and entertainment digital network featuring original shows and premium library content from studios, networks and leagues across the industry. Whistle TV offers ad-supported content around the clock focusing on original shows and episodic series that are positive and relatable across OTT platforms including: Samsung, Vizio, Roku and many more. It’s premiered original Whistle series including, ‘No Seasons Off,’ ‘Double Duty,’ and ‘Dunk League.’

About Duplitech:

For more than 25 years Duplitech has helped content owners large and small bring deep catalog and new releases to market on physical media and OTT channels. Our content solutions range from curation, digitization and remastering of original film and tape elements to packaging and delivery for physical and digital media platforms. From digitization to monetization - and everything in between - Duplitech has what it takes to bring your content to market.

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