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Updated: Sep 13


July 10, 2023 (Torrance, CA) – Torrance-based Duplitech, a leader in film and television remastering, has expanded its footprint to meet growing demand for supervised color sessions in the Hollywood / Burbank area. Duplitech’s new satellite location brings it closer to studio clients and creatives, providing more convenient in-person supervised color grading sessions and meetings.

Duplitech’s new satellite office is located at 115 N. Hollywood Way, directly across from Warner Bros Studios. The new location will house a Dolby Vision HDR Color Grading Suite, capable of Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10/10+ and SDR output, including dual concurrent output of HDR and SDR.

Over the past two years Duplitech has remastered more than 200 Dolby Vision HDR releases, with dozens more in the pipeline. “Our new Burbank office expands our color grading resources for both new productions and catalogue titles, and brings us closer to our creative partners,” noted Steve Johnson, COO. “Having a location so close to Hollywood provides more convenient access for DP’s and directors, and also allows us to attract more local talent to our remastering team.”

About Duplitech:

Duplitech delivers digital content solutions to home entertainment platforms, streamers, FAST channels, and content owners. We not only deliver content, we elevate content, by developing and implementing state-of-the-art solutions for remastering or repurposing television and film libraries with cost conscious strategies. The Duplitech film team provides a full line of remastering services, including film inspection, prep, scanning (Lasergraphics), restoration, color grading and master QC.

As this industry evolves quickly, so has Duplitech. We’ve been at it for over 25 years, first as a physical media service provider to home video, then adopting and embracing digital formats and deliverables. We understand the marketplace today and what is needed to flourish. We want to help you do the same. More info at

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Media Contact: Tracy Balsz 323.428.9075


Matt Hepworth - Film Mastering Manager

Ashley Franks-McGill - Film Services Managers

Ben Gilbert - Sr. Colorist (Burbank Office Lead)

Blake David-Blasingame - Lead Colorist

Steven Johnson - COO

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