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September 13, 2023 (Torrance, CA) – Duplitech is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran Jason Gish to the executive management team. Jason will serve as President of Duplitech, working alongside newly titled CEO Tony Cunha, and COO Steve Johnson, to drive business growth into new digital entertainment verticals. Jason was formerly President of Testronic Film & TV then most recently COO, Giant Worldwide.

"Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our executive team, having guided the impressive expansion of Testronic Inc. Film & Television division for nearly two decades," comments CEO Tony Cunha. "Duplitech has been on a strong growth trajectory over several years and we are confident that Jason will help us accelerate our expansion into new business areas with his high-level relationships with major studios and streaming platforms."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Jason as we continue to evolve from our roots of disc authoring to technical media services and film remastering. Our company has had vast growth these past several years and we look forward to continuing that trend with Jason on our team,” adds COO Steve Johnson.

Newly appointed President of Duplitech Jason Gish states, “I’m very excited to join the talented team at Duplitech, and to help expand and galvanize their service offering.

Duplitech is so well positioned for this transitional period in our industry, and I see incredible opportunities available to us as we focus on strategic growth. It’s also a great time to elevate the Duplitech brand both domestically and internationally!”

Please feel free to reach out to Jason directly at

About Duplitech –

Duplitech delivers digital content solutions for Home Entertainment platforms, streamers, FAST channels and content owners. But we don’t just deliver content, we elevate content using state-of-the-art solutions for remastering, repurposing and re-imagining television and film libraries. As this industry continues to evolve quickly, so does Duplitech. From our humble beginnings as a physical media duplicator, we’ve been adapting, evolving, and perfecting our solutions for over 25 years. We stay at the leading edge of industry technology and process by constantly challenging our teams and workflows. We are never satisfied with anything less than excellence. We understand today’s consumer marketplace and content ecosystem, and what is needed to flourish. As your partner, we can help you do the same.

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