iTunes Distribution... and More!

Duplitech has formed an international partnership with Juice®,

a leading Apple-Preferred encoding partner and aggregator for the iTunes store. Duplitech acts as Juice's U.S. onboarding facility, providing content capture, QC and upload to the MELON® asset management system. We also offer a full range of post production services, including conform, clean up, captioning, subtitling, localization, and general editing.


More Than Just iTunes

Duplitech provides encoding services and access to all major digital platforms, including:




Hulu Plus

Sony Network





Your content will receive Preferred encoding status with iTunes, Google and Netflix. First-pass acceptance rate is industry leading.

Result: Your content gets online faster on the platforms most widely visited by viewers.


Full Range of iTunes Content Services

We also offer packaging and delivery services for: 

iTunes Extras, iTunes LP, iTunes Digital Copy Development

and iBookstore Encoding.

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