DVD Authoring


Our authoring team has extensive experience and high standards to ensure your project is done right wiht the look and feel your audience will appreciate.  


Feature films, episodics, awards and festival screeners, and many other project packages are available.  Multi-disc sets are no stranger to us.


Industry-standard encoding, premium audio, custom menus, and even more enjoyable options are available for inclusion with your project. Contact us today for a quote.

Offer your viewers extras like 5.1 surround, commentaries, language options, bonus features, subtitles, captions, and galleries. You round it up and we'll get it on there.

Premium Episodic Authoring

Whether you're releasing a season, a series, or a collection, we can put together a package to impress your viewers.

For your consideration: Present your programming to judges complete with a watermark and screener-specific features.

For releasing companies and distributors with an ever-expanding catalogue of titles, you want to deliver a consistent product with a set framework for each addition to your label's archive.

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Thousands of titles authored.  Check out our gallery.