Duplitech is your single source solution for content delivery: On Disc, On Demand, On DCP and On Film. Founded in 1996, our company is one of L.A.'s most respected independent media service labs. We provide a full range of content delivery solutions at reasonable rates - and our customer service is second-to-none.


Our capabilities extend well beyond encoding, authoring and disc production. In-house resources include Film Scanning, Color Grading and Restoration, Technical Editing and Asset Conform, Standards Conversion, Subtitling, 5.1 Faux Audio Upmix and 3D Motion Graphic Design/Animation. 

Duplitech launched L.A.'s first fully automated disc duplication service in 1996 and we've been expanding our optical disc services ever since. We provide everything from DVD and Blu-ray encoding and authoring to Blu-ray, DVD and CD duplication, replication, printing and packaging. Duplitech has the resources and experience to manage your disc project from beginning to end.  

Duplitech provides an integrated approach to digital content distribution, including DSP platform packaging and delivery services, as well as custom OTT app development, deployment and management.  So whether your goal is to sell you content on leading DSP's like iTunes and Netflix, or via your own custom app, (or a combination of the two) we've got a solution for you. 

DCP represents the gold standard for digital cinema projection, in the US and internationally. Duplitech has the knowledge, tools and experience to encode and deliver your DCP for theatrical release. Our capabilities include DCP creation and encryption, DCDM output, and 3D encoding.  Client screening and QC facilities are

also available.   


Duplitech is pleased to announce the launch of our Ultra HD Film Services department.  Ultra HD offers a superior viewing experience and provides an unprecedented opportunity for content providers to monetize previously released titles. Unleash the potential of your film catalogue with Duplitech's 4K Ultra HD Film Services!