About Duplitech

For over 25 years Duplitech has helped content owners large and small bring deep catalogue and new releases to market on physical and digital media. Our content solutions range from digitization and restoration of original film and tape elements to packaging and delivery for physical and digital media platforms. From digitization to monetization - and everything in between - Duplitech has what it takes to deliver your content to market.


We are one of the oldest and most experienced service providers for delivery of content to home entertainment. And proud of it. When we opened our doors in 1996 it was the heyday of VHS tapes and Blockbuster video rentals. DVD’s popped open a progressive new physical media delivery system in 1997 and by the early 2000’s the term home video was out, and home entertainment was in.  

We now offer full-service digital solutions to prepare your content for delivery to all digital platforms, 

in addition to being one of the last providers of physical media. 

Today, Duplitech is STILL the go-to resource for content owners needing content delivered to home entertainment - both physical media and digital.

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Duplitech partners with Whistle TV to bring historic NASCAR content to OTT channel.

Duplitech announced an agreement with Whistle TV to produce short and long form programs from NASCAR's deep catalogue of historic race...